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Juna Sweater
NOK 3095
Nosara Knit Blouse
Upala blouse
NOK 2600
Eli Knit Top
NOK 1600
My pullover
NOK 2800
Liberia cardigan
NOK 3900
Almirante Knit Blouse
NOK 2600
Ilsa Knit Blouse
NOK 2250
Nayana Sweater
NOK 3395
Guadalupe Cashmere Blouse
NOK 3195
Madigan Cashmere Rib Blouse
NOK 3195
Luma Cashmere Top
NOK 1445
Mechera Sweater
NOK 3995
Fortuna cardigan
NOK 4095
Tupile pullover
NOK 2600
Brigida Sweater
NOK 2695
Rincon cardigan
NOK 3295
Samara sweater
NOK 3750
Divala sweater
NOK 3300
River Vest
NOK 3595
Yala Cashmere Cardigan
NOK 5695
Beth Cashmere Cardigan
NOK 7145
Soul Wrap Cardigan
NOK 3345
Andrea Cardigan
NOK 4950
Reef Jumper
NOK 2945

Knitwear Collection from AIAYU

Discover our large selection of chunky knits, as well as delicate knit blouses and cardigans for women. Discover our rib knits, heavy knits, light knits and cashmere for all occassions. AIAYU offers a wide range of different knits, all crafted from exclusive natural materials such as llama wool and pure cashmere. Shop our extensive line of knitwear, including cardigans and sweaters that will keep you warm and comfortable in winter and summer alike, and rediscover the unique feeling that comes from wearing soft, natural knitwear made from premium materials.

Women's Sweaters - Shop Knits by AIAYU

Whether you love a classic rib knit, a turtleneck sweater, knits with dropped shoulders, or fitted knitwear jumpers, AIAYU has a range of styles you can jump into and maximize the luxurious feel of your wardrobe. AIAYU designs soft, natural and sustainable knitwear that will take you from winter into spring, and from spring into summer without any hassles.