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Set Descending Direction
EUR 145
Leola cashmere jumper
EUR 435
Lulu Shorts Tile
EUR 130
Short Sleeve Shirt Tile
EUR 190
Noelle Pant Tile
EUR 190
Long Sleeve Tee
EUR 75
Juliet Jacket
EUR 215
Light Sleeveless Tee
EUR 55
Saga sweater
EUR 290
Cora cardigan
EUR 320
Gemma vest
EUR 215
Freya sweater
EUR 505
Yngvil handknitted vest
EUR 480
Tonja handknitted sweater
EUR 535
Coco Pant Twill
EUR 175
Jude cardigan
EUR 345
Morgan jumper
EUR 290
Shorts Long
EUR 85
Viva knit pants
EUR 190
Willy Shorts
EUR 130
Light Short Sleeve
EUR 55
Juna Sweater
EUR 330
Short Sleeve Tee
EUR 60
Coco Pant Corduroy
EUR 190
Casual Shorts
EUR 85
Lynette Shirt
EUR 145
Shirt Quilt
EUR 230
Light Long Sleeve
EUR 65
Leonardo cashmere sweater
EUR 405
Sanga jumper
EUR 215
Cobe cardigan
EUR 260
Light Oversize Tee
EUR 80
Luma Cashmere Top
EUR 245
Hera sweater
EUR 300
Galia knit pants
EUR 405
Jumpsuit Twill
EUR 260
Smila Jacket
EUR 790
Kaja knitted hoodie
EUR 390
Luis knit pants
EUR 360
Noor Coat
EUR 1,085
Billy Pant Corduroy
EUR 200
Akina sweater
EUR 330
Mother sweater
EUR 435
Femme Gilet Corduroy
EUR 160
Alba Silk Pants
EUR 375
Manon Silk Shirt
EUR 405
Joy Silk Dress
EUR 555
Lala Shirt
EUR 175
Soft Jacket Corduroy
EUR 230
Caro vest
EUR 315
Miles Pant Twill
EUR 175
Touch knit blouse
EUR 190
Elder sweater
EUR 260
Sitra cardigan
EUR 490
Roberta Dobby Skirt
EUR 260
Guadalupe Cashmere
EUR 325
Lalitpur cashmere jumper
EUR 275

Aiayu womenswear: Responsibly made wardrobe essentials

Shop AIAYU: a full collection of responsibly produced women's clothing made from organic and natural fibers. Find the perfect cashmere sweater, classic shirts, functional outerwear, or fine knitwear made from luxurious natural fibers. We work with organic cotton, cashmere, Sartuul wool, yak wool, and natural llama wool, creating a complete line of quality women's wear that is made to last, rooted in exceptional craftsmanship. All fibers are carefully selected for their exceptional warmth, luxurious softness, and durability, and the portfolio is ever expanding. In line with outr eco-conscious commitment, Aiayu leave most pieces undyed, resulting in a palette of soft, pure colors: a perfect complement to the minimalist, Scandinavian inspired styles for the home and wardrobe

Aiayu knitwear, shirts, and pants: all your wardrobe musthaves

Looking for the perfect shirt, a chunky knit, or perfectly fitted pants? Aiayu womenswear offers timeless and elegant silhouettes rooted in a love for elevated everyday wear. Our collections are based on GOTS-certified organic cotton and luxurious llama wool and cashmere, with  quality and craftsmanship as key components behind every piece. Our complete line includes Aiayu pants, Aiayu shorts, and Aiayu shirts that are beloved bestsellers year after year - a testament to the timeless elegance and durability that is the essence of the brand.