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Troche tørklæde 22x170
DKK 2.895
North tørklæde 30x155
DKK 1.995
Hanku tørklæde 55x150
DKK 2.345
Scotty tørklæde 65x65
DKK 1.195
Clud Mix Checked 65x65
DKK 345
Cuba tørklæde
DKK 1.595
Poon Cashmere Tørklæde
DKK 2.495
Bandipur tørklæde
Nino Cashmere Tørklæde
DKK 2.299
Hanna tørklæde
DKK 1.895
Penn tørklæde
DKK 1.399
Yoda tørklæde
DKK 2.499
Nelson halsedisse
DKK 795
Scarlet cashmere halsedisse
DKK 2.899

The Ultimate Scarf - Luxury Accessory Items from AIAYU

Find the ultimate wool knit scarf, and wrap up in style for winter and chilly spring nights. Our scarves come in different colours and sizes for your comfort and according to the season: perfect rib knit scarves in light wool quality, or a heavy knit llama wool scarf in an oversized edition for winter. 

Cashmere scarf - the ideal gift

Complete your outfit with the perfect accessory - a soft, luxurious cashmere scarf from AIAYU. Go for the 100 % cashmere quality, or try the light and breathable cashmere and silk blend - ideal for summer.