AIAYU 2020 VOL. 2
Sometimes when the world seems to spin too fast it is time to find new perspectives, be at ease with yourself, and to explore deeper instead of only going faster. Aiayu 2020 Vol. 2 meets the yearning for attention to detail in the modern world. The campaign to support this volume speaks of Aiayu’s values of simplicity and sensibility.
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AIAYU TRIBE: A Chat with Drew Sycamore
Ripe strawberries, sandals and knits, long conversations and walks. This is summer for musician Drew Sycamore. Follow along to discover the world according to Drew - all dressed in Aiayu, naturally.
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Aiayu Postcard: Bornholm
Through a series of digital postcards, Aiayu invites you to explore some of the many gems of Denmark. This week, our postcard is sent to you from Bornholm, where Founder and Creative Director, Maria Heilmann, spent a rainy week in beautiful surroundings with family and friends.
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Sustainable community:
In our "Sustainable community" series, we want to support and push forward brands who are making a difference by committing to sustainable and responsible business practices. Lalaby was founded by two generations with a vision of creating timeless and high quality products for our little ones - for generations to come. We had a chat with Laura Lawaetz - founder of Lalaby.
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Aiayu morning swim
Every Thursday morning before work the Aiayu crew jump into the water near the office for a quick swim, coffee, and a chat - feeling fresher than ever after beginning the day like this. Read more about our newly started swimming habit and be inspired on what to bring for you next swim.
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In the Aiayu Store in Aarhus and Copenhagen you can now experience our beautiful in-store summer tables. The tables are set with the Aiayu home collection and as a finishing touch we have invited local designers, artists, and brands we find inspiring to help us with the decoration.
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Summer essentials with Trine Due, part of the Aiayu Design team
Trine is one of the designers at Aiayu, her focus is on our organic cotton line with all the crisp and light summer styles we are all longing to wear. We asked Trine to share her summer essentials with us as we thought she would be the perfect one to ask.
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Sustainable Community:
Copenhagen Cartel
In our "Sustainable community" series, we want to support and push forward brands who are making a difference by committing to sustainable and responsible business practices.
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Sustainable and long-lasting gifts for Father's Day
Contemplating how to spoil the man in your life? Here's what makes the perfect gifts for the father figures in our lives, who we love so much.
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Aiayu Domus 2020 Vol. 1
Long, loose, crisp cotton hung loosely from collarbone with no restrictions. Domus 2020 welcomes summer with new styles with breezy volumes while old classics get refreshed with new colours.
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What started out as a beautiful love story is now, almost twenty years later, also a successful multibrand shop in the city of Sønderborg. We had a chat with Stine, co-owner of Jim P, about what inspires her and how they tackle these challenging times, both as a business and as a family.
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– Svane on Samsø
In the heart of Samsø’s most popular tourist town, Ballen, you will find Svane – a shop filled with handpicked garments in luxurious fabrics for everyday life – perfectly curated to give you that feeling of island living and never ending summers.
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At home with Aiayu -
visiting Founder & Creative Director Maria Høgh Heilmann
Step inside the beautiful home of Creative Director and founder of Aiayu, Maria Høgh Heilmann, where carefully selected items with small personal stories, natural materials and a gentle color palette create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
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Aiayu on tour:
Hotel The Monica
The building of Hotel The Monica dates back to 1850 and charms with its authentic character. In 2017 it was turned into an inspirational and luxurious "home away from home". Go with Aiayu on a round tour of the little hidden gem located in the middle of the South Funen Archipelago.
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Aiayu on tour: La Paz Bolivia
Bolivia has managed to preserve its unique soul, natural treasures and charming cities. Go with Aiayu on tour as our founder Maria Høgh Heilmann shares her best tips for the Bolivian pearl La Paz - a city located in 4000 meters height above sea level. A city that will take your breath away.
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Aiayu on tour
Store Strandstræde
The Aiayu Store in Copenhagen is situated at the cosy street Store Strandstræde just at the end of Kongens Nytorv and only a short walk from the famous Nyhavn. Follow #aiayuontour as we explore Store Strandstræde and visit our favourit spots in the charming neighbourhood.
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Flower decorations
by Leif Sigersen in the Aiayu Store
Leif Sigersen is a flower artist and interior designer working with set designs for photoshoots, flower bouquets and various decoration assignments. We are very happy to welcome his beautiful stonevare vases and flower creations in the Aiayu Store in Copenhagen.
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Aiayu 2020 Vol. 1
Aiayu 2020 vol 1 brings up memories of the good old days — when people were less plugged in but more connected, and clothes were meant to be lived, loved and played in. It was fun, colourful, simple, comfortable.
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In November 2019 Aiayu went on our anual trip to India to learn more about cotton farming, farmers life and to ensure that our products are being made under the highest ethical and sustainable standards. We were there with Chetna Organic - a non-profit organization which builds ethical supply chains for organic cotton.
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In Nepal, we work with yak wool and cashmere. Though cashmere can be difficult to work with in a sustainable way, we have found a very small local workshop from which we are able to buy responsibly. Our cashmere is produced by Pia and Karma. We invited them to share an insight into how the workshop sustains local skills.
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The Aiayu Store:
A green Christmas

The Aiayu Stores are ready for Christmas with a sustainable spirit with only up-cycled and recycled decoration. We have made beautiful knitted flowers from leftovers from our knitwear production and stars in recycled organic cotton tree-free paper.
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Gifts that are beautiful
inside & out
To help you find the perfect gift this season, we asked Aiayu founder Maria Høgh Heilmann what she is considering for the important people in her life.
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Quality Sleep begins
with quality materials
We invited Mie Juel and her friends Claire and Kat to catch up on what they need the most – sleep. Mie is a mother to a 9-month-old, a stylist, an entrepreneur at @theslowhut, and digital influencer. With so many roles, we were curious how she prioritizes rest.
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Aiayu in the city of smiles
The Aiayu Store Aarhus is located in the historic latin quarter with cosy, cobble-stoned streets. The store which opened in September 2019, will stock the full range of Aiayu’s ready to wear, lounge wear, sleep wear and textiles and objects for the home.
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Aiayu Domus
With Aiayu Domus we have refined our homeware selection. Our commitment is less but better, objects well designed, and sustainably made. Objects for all the moods and moments that make a home.
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Aiayu in Amman, Jordan
Aiayu has collaborated with Anna and Ditte, two master students from Copenhagen University to research new materials and communities. The research led the two girls to Amman, Jordan where they have met a community of artisans and possible products to begin a relationship with.
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We believe happy people make better products. Happiness – the most sought after and elusive human property. At Aiayu we pursue happiness by a respectful collaboration between our designers, our craftspeople and their communities.
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About The Collection -
Aiayu 2019 Vol. 2
A celebration of the beauty of fibers and colors in their most natural form. We welcome Aiayu 2019 Vol. 2.
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The AUDO - Where human interaction meets artistic expression
The Audo is a concept space in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district – an up and coming waterfront area and a hotspot for modern architecture. The 1918 building and former boathouse has been given a minimalistic makeover and turned into a hybrid space.
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We first discovered FLOR when we were looking for flower suppliers for our Copenhagen store and were introduced to a whole new world of sustainable, organic and locally grown flowers.
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Foundations for a sustainable space - Lotta Agaton
It is always such treat to see inside a favorite designer’s home. Lotta Agaton is considered one of the most influential interior stylists in Scandinavia. She is known for her minimalistic, yet warm style which is always based on quality and timelessness with a poetic edge.
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Good Instead of New:
Aiayu x Fil de Fer
For 3 Days of Design, Fil De Fer and Aiayu furnished a 250sqm space with handpicked vintage and sustainable textiles, as a testament that good design is long-lasting. Read more about the exhibit and find inspiration on how to style with vintage and natural elements for a timeless, modern look. ⠀
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The V Movement x Aiayu
Meet Amanda Nørgaard and Josephine Bredsted from the V Movement – a movement aimed at social, personal and spiritual sustainability. They share with us some spiritual life hacks to create that balancing force. In collaboration with Aiayu, the V Movement presents The Totality of Vitality – a kundalini yoga and meditation activation on June 4th, 2019.
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The Aiayu Store Oslo
- A Visual Tour
Join us on a visual tour of the The Aiayu Store, Oslo. Read more about the store and explore its characteristically Nordic aesthetic, completed in sustainable natural materials with a dose of fresh flowers.
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The Circle is a concept collection celebrating community and togetherness, encouraging a movement towards sustainability through solidarity. The collection features signature AIAYU styles dressed in sunny colours and bold stripes.
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At Home with AIAYU
– Visiting CEO Maria Glæsel
Step inside the charming home of AIAYU CEO, Maria Glæsel, in the heart of Copenhagen, where durable natural materials create a calm, Nordic expression filled with personal details - and plenty of AIAYU, naturally!
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For Him: Aiayu Man
Welcome Aiayu Man: a sustainable menswear line of high-quality wardrobe building blocks rooted in Aiayu’s signature materials of organic cotton, llama wool and cashmere. Explore the collection and thoughts behind it here.
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Sustainable Steps
- A Chat with Maria Høgh Heilmann
Read AIAYU founder Maria Heilmann's tips on how to take small steps in a more sustainable direction. A great place to start is with your home and wardrobe, incorporating little changes into your daily life and routine.
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Bright & Bold: Welcome 2019
Simplicity is the ultimate luxury, but there is still a time and a place for romance and colour. The new spring/summer collection takes you through all chapters of your day with easy elegance. Explore the collection here.
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Find inspiration on how to decorate with colours and playful textures in your home. Breathe new life into lasting classics by pairing them in new and unexpected ways. The possibilities are endless.
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‘A Day in AIAYU’ is a celebration of everyday life, and a showcase of the functionality and adaptability of our pieces. Lesser but better – in all aspects of life.
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