AIAYU products are made to last, but a little love goes a long way in preserving the look and feel of your favourite garments. Always wear with care, make sure they aren’t stretched out of proportion, remember to remove pilling, and repair any small holes or irregularities before they grow – especially if you stow away your wool for the summer season.


Repair-reuse-reduce is the only responsible way to treat your garments and – at the same time – look after the environment. To extend the life of your AIAYU products, we offer repairs for 5 years after the purchase date for all knitwear, and two years for woven cotton and cotton jersey. Go to repair shipping fee.



Wash according to the instructions relating to the specific material your garment is made of. You will find these details in the ‘Care’ section under each product. A good rule of thumb is to wash gently by hand, or at low temperature/low cycle if you use machine. Please note that by following these steps, you can prolong the life of your AIAYU – simply by washing and storing the correct way.


By investing in high quality products from AIAYU, you are also investing in a long-term solution for your wardrobe. Our designs are timeless and made to last in durable natural materials, making them trusted investment pieces that you will return to again and again. If you are no longer fond of a product, we encourage you to pass it on. Repair holes and wear with care. Never discard an item – there is always an alternative solution.


The best way to avoid moths is to use your woolens regularly instead of leaving them unworn in a dark drawer somewhere. When stored away for summer, keep your wool in an airtight container, and add dried lavender or cedar wood as natural repellents. Remember to wash before storing. 


Folding your knitwear will help maintain its shape without growing disproportionate, as is the case when a chunky sweater is placed on a hanger for extended periods of time. Note that wet wool is more likely to stretch out of shape. Always lay flat to dry, preferably on a towel. Do not twist it to get rid of excess water, but gently press it until it is no longer soaked.


Llama wool is a self-cleaning fiber. Instead of washing, we encourage you to air your clothes. In most cases, this will be enough to give it a fresh feel and look. An added bonus is the heavenly scent of fresh air that you simply cannot get in any other way.


Use only low-impact, organic detergents for your wool and organic cotton. This way, the effect on the environment is kept to a minimum. We have often found that shampoo for hair works well for wools.