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Undyed Cotton throw
DKK 1.295
Arlo cashmere plaid
DKK 2.995
Hollie Classic plaid 130x160
DKK 3.495
Tito plaid (130x160)
DKK 3.995
Mollie Babytæppe (70x90)
DKK 1.295
Marlon tæppe (160x180)
DKK 3.295
Elisabeth tæppe (170x240)
DKK 3.995

Soft Throw Blankets and Quilts from AIAYU

Get comfy with our large selection of throw blankets and quilts for the modern and classic home. Our throw blankets are designed to make your home look good and keep you comfortable at the same time. Combine our classic knitted throw pillows with our soft pillows for a complete look.     

Keep warm with knitted throws and blankets

Keep the cold at bay, and wrap up in elegant throw blankets and quilts. We have a large selection of throw blankets in exclusive llama wool and yak wool that is both soft, warm and durable - everlasting classics for your home.