Our Bolivian connection is more than a story about working with a remarkable material. It’s also the story about establishing a responsible, sustainable production from scratch, working in a unique country with unique people. A remarkable story of surviving the high altitude of the highlands, rainy summers and dry winters, and sharing surroundings with the llamas while earning a livelihood from them for centuries.

There are about 10 million people in Bolivia, and more than 60% of its citizens are indigenous, predominantly Aymara and Quechua. Bolivia has 37 official languages, and with 36 native cultures, the population is almost as diverse as the Bolivian ecosystem. An amazing 40% of all animal and plant life on earth is found in Bolivia.


The existing wool production was expanded to become the first knitwear factory in Bolivia. Soon after, spinning, dyeing and knitting facilities were constructed.

Everything was built according to European standards in terms of protecting the environment,  the workers and their rights. The factory became the first in La Paz to implement a water recycling plant, cleaning 100% of the water from the factory and reusing 75% of all water. It is the only factory in La Paz with a WRAP-certification, and the sole producer of this exquisite material in the world. We are exceedingly proud of the fact that we have established a supply chain that is completely transparent. All key processes involved in the manufacturing of our llama wool are controlled and performed in-house at our Bolivian facilities.


Our handknitted items are individual works of art. Each garment is “signed” with initials from the Bolivian woman who knitted it, as a personal greeting from her to you.

Each design can take up to several days or weeks to make from start to completion. Everything is made with incredible care, passion and attention to detail, using a technique that has been passed on from generation to generation throughout centuries.

All machine-knitted items go through a piece by piece quality control and are carefully finished by hand, making the inside just as refined as the outside. Our years of experience with the same material and manufacturer have led to a consistent high quality you can count on.


Llama wool is a sustainable product, sourced directly from the llamas that roam freely in their natural habitat. This type of wool is light and the fibre is hollow, making it ultra soft and able to provide superior insulation. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, and comparatively longer, stronger and more durable than other wool fibres.

All our products are produced from the same base material, but they are spun in different thicknesses and tensions, giving us a wide range of different looks and textures.

Llama wool comes in a wide range of natural colours, from pure white to grey, brown and black. We are very conscious about minimising the use of dyes or any other chemicals: dark fibers are used for dying dark yarns and light fibers are used for dying light colored yarns.