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Faldende orden
Sengetøj - single (140x200)
DKK 995
Stribet sengetøj - Single (140x200)
DKK 1.245
Sengetøj - tern (140x200)
DKK 1.245
Sengetøj - Single XL (140x220)
DKK 995
Sengetøj - Single XL (140x220)
DKK 995
Stribet Sengetøj - Single XL (140x220)
DKK 1.245
Sengetøj - dobbelt (200x220)
DKK 1.995
Stribet Sengetøj - Dobbelt (200x220)
DKK 2.495
Sengetøj - Dobbelt XL (240x220)
DKK 1.795
Dobbeltdyne (200x200)
DKK 1.895
Baby sengetøj (70x100)
DKK 595
Junior sengetøj (100x140)
DKK 795
Pudebetræk (40x80)
DKK 365
Pudebetræk (50x70)
Pudebetræk - tern (60x63)
DKK 345
Pudebetræk (60x63)
DKK 295
Pudebetræk (80x80)
DKK 490
Poplin Pudebetræk (50x50)
DKK 395
Poplin pudebetræk (50x80)
DKK 595
Lagen (260x260)
DKK 995
Sengetøj 150x210 (SE størrelse)
DKK 1.095
Stribet sengetøj 150x210 (SE størrelse)
DKK 1.345
Sengetøj - tern 150x210 (SE størrelse)
DKK 1.345
Stribet pudebetræk 50x60 (SE størrelse)
DKK 445

Calm Sleep: Create a Clean, Harmonious Sleep Space with AIAYU

AIAYU SLEEP is a luxurious collection of organic bedlinen and bed wear made from crispy cotton poplin. Personalize your sleep environment with exclusive bedding that is both light and breathable. We have duvet covers in all shapes and sizes: our collection is designed for standard single duvets, XL duvets, double duvets and double duvets with XL length. All bedding comes in sets with both a duvet and pillow cover. 

100 % Organic Sleep:

A clean and calm bed environment is essential for a good night's rest. With AIAYU, you can create a pure environment of entirely organic bedding and sheets, as well as bed covers made from organic cotton. All the while making it look gorgeous in fresh colours and classic stripes.