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Lagen (260x260)
DKK 995
Raw Quilt (160x240)
DKK 2.595
Hollie sengetæppe (250x250)
DKK 5.495
Cinzia sengetæppe (240x240)
DKK 4.495
Raw Quilt Stribet Sengetæppe
DKK 3.295
Raw Quilt Sengetæppe (240x240)
DKK 3.295

Exclusive Bed Quilts and Bedspreads 

A soft bed quilt is essential for creating a harmonious and elegant sleep space. Whether you want a classic knitted bedspread in natural llama wool that can also be used as an oversized blanket, or a colourful bed cover in organic cotton, you will be sure to find your new bedspread in our large selection. An easy and hassle-free way to upgrade your bedroom in style. 

Decorate your Bedroom with AIAYU Bedspreads

A comfy bedspread is an easy way to updtae your sleep space. Use it as a throw blanket, or use it to cover an unamde bed, making it look even more homey.