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Helen Chain Classic
EUR 335
Totebag Cotton Slub
EUR 80
Beutel Schweres Popeline
EUR 55
Beutel Mini Schweres Popeline
EUR 45
Beutel Baumwolle Slub
EUR 55
Beutel Mini Baumwolle Slub
EUR 45

Looking for the Perfect Bag?

AIAYU offers a wide selection of bags, clutches and purses for women. The kind of bags that are just right - roomy, durable and elegant. Our collection is a varied mix of sturdy cotton canvas bags and pouches that are ideal as beach bags, or as practical carry-alls for the gym or yoga. Our clutches are handmade from luxurious llama wool, and are made to add a stylish touch to any outfit. Use as work bags or for carrying your essentials for a night out on the town. 

Helen Clutch from AIAYU - a stylish bestseller

Complete your outfit with a knitted llama wool clutch from AIAYU in a variety of dreamy colours. Our Helen clutch is a soft and roomy carry-all perfect for storing your makeup, your phone, or other small treasures. A statement piece that is both stylish, sustainable and natural.