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Exceptional Outerwear:<br />
Made-to-Last Pieces

Exceptional Outerwear:
Made-to-Last Pieces

Made from durable, weather-resistant Ventile cotton, our new statement outerwear is crafted for perennial use with a signature touch of luxury at the core.

Our new outerwear range presents versatile wardrobe staples that allow the aiayu woman to thrive wherever life takes her – with aesthetics and practicality acting in perfect unison.

The innovative construction of the Jean Coat and Jules Jacket allows for a singular experience that pins comfort as the ultimate luxury. One that is emphasized by wearable silhouettes, meticulous detailing, and functional fabric. As true hero pieces for spring’s changing weather, the Jean and Jules pieces are reliable, all-weather essentials that remain versatile and timeless in their expression. Crafted from superior Ventile fabric that is weather-resistant through construction, delivering a high-tech performance with all-natural components.



The Jules Jacket and Jean Coat are made from certified Ventile fabric. Developed in the 1930’s to keep English WWII fighter pilots safe in freezing waters and unpredictable weather, the fabric is expertly made in Switzerland from a durable, high twisted compact cotton.

The tight weave of the fabric creates a smooth, weather-resistant surface without the use of any artificial components, naturally protecting you against the elements while maintaining a refined look and feel. The fabric effectively works as a windshield, perfect for the transitional season that sees both high sun and heavy rain. The fit is easy, oversize, drawing heavily on classic uniform silhouettes. The excessive sleeve construction allows for comfortable layering, and adds an architectural touch.

All outerwear is European-made in a certified factory.


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