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Pyjamas Poplin
EUR 205
Schlafanzug Seersucker
EUR 205
Pyjamas Striped
EUR 220
Chemise-Set Seersucker
EUR 145
Dream - Sleep Mask
EUR 40
EUR 310
Siri Knitted Bathrobe
EUR 310
Bademantel Gestreift
EUR 250
Karma Dress Striped
EUR 220
V-neck Tee
EUR 60
T-shirt - boxy
EUR 50
Lilja Pant
EUR 130
Strap Dress
EUR 145
Jersey Dress
EUR 85
Karma Dress
EUR 190
Shirt Seersucker
EUR 145
Pant Seersucker
EUR 130
Pant Striped
EUR 145
EUR 130
EUR 75
Shorts Gestreift
EUR 85

Lounge Wear for Women - Exclusive Collection by AIAYU

Loungewear from AIAYU is a soft line of casual styles designed for your comfort and ease. Wear AIAYU lounge wear at home, or put on your lounge wear when you are off to yoga or a trip to the beach. Our lounge wear is made from crisp organic cotton and premium llama wool. Soft and perfect. Combine lounge pants and shirts, and a bathrobe to complete the lounge look.