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Set Descending Direction
Haya wool throw
EUR 400
Veda recycled wool throw
EUR 400
Tito Throw (130x160)
EUR 535
Pillow Terry Linen (40x60)
EUR 185
Pillow Linen (40x60)
EUR 135
Elisabeth throw 170x240
EUR 540
Undyed Cotton Throw
EUR 175
Hollie Classic Throw (130x160)
EUR 470
Tito Junior Throw (70x90)
EUR 240
Heather Classic Cushion (30x40)
EUR 160
Heather Classic pillow (50x80)
EUR 255
Theo Nepal Cushion (50x80)
EUR 390
Theo Nepal Cushion (30x40)
EUR 185
Heather Classic pillow (40x60)
EUR 200
Pillow Cotton Slub (50x50)
EUR 75
Madison Throw (110x280)
EUR 605
Maddie Cushion (50x50)
EUR 200
Raul pillow (50x50)
EUR 145
Flower Nepal cushion
EUR 185
Puffy Cashmere Pillow (30x40)
EUR 335
Pillow Cotton Slub (50x80)
EUR 85
Gabriel pillow (40x60)
EUR 175
Pillow Double 50x80
EUR 100
Marking Silk Pillow (40x60)
EUR 160
Pillow Vacanza (50x50)
EUR 75
Towel 70x140
EUR 55
Towel 30x50
EUR 15
Towel 100x150
EUR 90
Towel 50x90
EUR 35
Kitchen Cloth (set of 2 pcs)
EUR 35
Edvin wool throw
EUR 270
Christmas Leaf & Star
EUR 40
Kitchen Towel (set of 2 pcs)
EUR 40
Linen Kitchen Towel (set of 2 pcs)
EUR 45
Hooded Terry Bathrobe
EUR 275
Kimono Linen
EUR 345
Bathrobe Silence
EUR 260
Bathrobe Striped
EUR 215
Favorite Bag Vacanza
EUR 115
Duvet set petite 140x200 + 1 pillow case
EUR 175
Favorite Bag Double
EUR 115
Marla wool throw
EUR 470
Duvet set petite 140x220 + 1 pillow case
EUR 175
Pouch Heavy Poplin
EUR 55
Baby Duvet set petite 70x100
EUR 95
Junior Duvet Set (100x140)
EUR 120

Responsible home decor from Aiayu: cushions, throws, and towels in exclusive natural materials

Aiayu offers a broad collection of classic, cozy, and elegant home accessories such as decorative cushions, throws, and towels made in luxurious natural materials. Our signature home pieces are characterized by their elegant features, such as delicate knit patterns and natural colours. All materials are ethically-sourced and responsibly made.  

Home essentials in high quality llama wool and cashmere

Upgrade your home space with luxurious Aiayu Home essentials. We have a wide selection of large and small cushions, large wool and cotton throws and bedspreads. Scandinavian design with a delicate color palette that ranges from undyed natural colors like natural brown and beiges to throw pillows in vibrant color ways.