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Fluid Skirt
EUR 145
Shirt Dress Seersucker
EUR 190
Angela skirt
EUR 290
Long Sleeve Dress Shadow
EUR 250
Tee Dress
EUR 85
Strap Dress
EUR 145
Shirt Robe
EUR 220
Karma Dress
EUR 190
Shirt Dress
EUR 190
Shirt Dress Striped
EUR 220
Nova Poplin skirt
EUR 130
Smock Skirt
EUR 145
Sascha miniskirt
EUR 260

Dresses & Skirts - Shop Miniskirts and Long Dresses from AIAYU

Dress up with AIAYU. We offer a wide range of elegant maxi dresses, day dresses and evening dresses. For formal wear and casual - AIAYU is the place to look for your wardrobe essentials. Wear our signature shirt dress for a day at home or at work, or our light llama wool knit dresses for a breezy day look. Skirts are a musthave in any wardrobe. Go for the maxi skirt with plenty of width and length for an elegant look, or try a mini skirt for a casual day outfit with an edge. AIAYU offers a selection of both long and short skirts in premium quality: try our soft llama wool knit skirts for a warm winter outfit, or our crisp organic cotton skirts for a light and classic look. 

Women's Dresses In Dreamy Colours and Fits

With our love for organic materials at the center, we have created a line of perfect dresses in various shapes and fits, one for every mood and occasion. Find the perfect kaftan dress or tunic for an oversized, loose fit, or find an elegant dress with feminine slits that is easy to style into formal evening wear. 

Knitted wool skirts or cotton skirts? 

Our mini skirt is and knitted wool skirts are excellent go-to pieces for winter, when layering is essential. Find your favourite skirt in our selection of quintessential styles.