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Pillow case striped 60x63
EUR 50
Heather Classic pillow (30x40)
EUR 150
Heather Classic pillow (40x60)
EUR 190
Gabriel pillow (40x60)
EUR 175
Heather Classic pillow (50x80)
EUR 245
Raul pillow (50x50)
EUR 135
Pillow Striped (50x80)
EUR 100
Herringbone Pillow case (30x60)
EUR 70
Herringbone Pillow Case (60x60)
EUR 80
Pillow Striped (40x60)
EUR 75
Pillow Cotton Slub (50x50)
EUR 75
Pillow Dobby Striped (50x50)
EUR 75
Pillow Jackweave (50x80)
EUR 100
Puffy Cashmere Pillow (30x40)
EUR 335
Flower Nepal pillow (30x40)
EUR 190
Javier pillow (40x60)
EUR 175
Eigil pillow 50x50
EUR 135
Fabian pillow (50x50)
EUR 175
Annapurna Cashmere/Silk Pillow (40x60)
EUR 215
Heavy Poplin Pillow Case (50x50)
EUR 55
Elvin Pillow (30x40)
EUR 110
Elvin Pillow (50x50)
EUR 140

Decorative Throw Pillows and Cushions

Decorate your home in sustainable design with knitted cushions, throw pillows and jacquard pillows from the exclusive AIAYU HOME Collection. All the cushions you need for your living room or bedroom, in rich colour variations and delicate patterns. Our large selection makes it easy to find a favourite for your home.

Personalize Your Home with Elegant Cushions

A good throw pillow is not only comfy, it can make an immense difference for the look and feel of your home. AIAYU offers a large selection of pillows in different colours and knit patterns: go for the rustic cotton canvas pillows, or a delicate jacquard woven pillow. For a classic look, try our llama wool knit pillows in deep and lasting colours.