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Set Descending Direction
Duvet Set - Single (140x200 + pillow case)
EUR 135
Duvet Set Strap - Single (140x200 + pillow case)
EUR 135
Duvet Set - Single XL (140x220 + pillow case)
EUR 135
Duvet Set Strap - Single XL (140x220 + pillow case)
EUR 135
Duvet Set Striped - Single (140x200 + pillow case)
EUR 165
Duvet Set Soleil - Single (140x200 + 1 pillow case)
EUR 175
Duvet Set Double (200x220 + 2 pillow cases)
EUR 270
Duvet Set Strap - Double (200x220 + 2 pillow cases)
EUR 270
Duvet Set Double - Striped (200x220 + 2 pillow cases)
EUR 335
Duvet Set Striped - Single XL (140x220 + pillow case)
EUR 165
Pillow case (60x63)
EUR 40
Pillow Case (50x70)
EUR 40
Flat Sheet (260x260)
EUR 135
Pillow Double 50x80
EUR 100
Dream - Sleep Mask
EUR 35
Junior Duvet Set (100x140)
EUR 105
Baby Duvet Set (70x100)
EUR 80
Duvet Set - 150x210 (SE size )
EUR 150
Duvet SET striped 150x210 (SE size)
EUR 185
Bathrobe Striped
EUR 215
Pyjamas Poplin
EUR 215
Pyjamas Garcon
EUR 230
Pyjamas Dash
EUR 215
Bed Cover Double
EUR 295
Hooded Terry Bathrobe
EUR 275
Bathrobe Silence
EUR 260
Tito Junior Throw (70x90)
EUR 240
Robe Vacanza
EUR 335
Pyjamas Striped
EUR 220
Baby Mollie Throw (70x90)
EUR 175
Robe Double
EUR 335
Pyjamas Shirt
EUR 145
Casual Pant
EUR 145
Pyjamas Shirt Garcon
EUR 190

Luxurious bedding and lounge wear for a calm sleep space

Shop organic bedding, sheets and lounge wear by AIAYU - all natural bedding made from soft, organic cotton that is crisp and light, and perfect for creating a harmonious sleep space. Choose AIAYU for a good night's sleep in a clean, calm environment designed to make you feel at ease, and complete the experience with our soft lounge wear, designed to curl up in at home. We have a wide selection of fluffy organic cotton bathrobes and pyjamases for elevated everyday elegance. 

Sleep well with Aiayu

AIAYU SLEEP is a GOTS-certified collection of organic bedlinen in all sizes: we offer bedding for standard single duvet sizes, as well as covers for double duvets, extra large duvets or double XL duvets, and we offer organic bedding for babies and children too. The colour palette is light and luscious with everything from crisp white or classic stripes, to deep blue or velvety red. Choose your favourite, and create your own dreamy sleep space with AIAYU SLEEP.