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Pyjamas Garcon
EUR 230
Pyjamas Dash
EUR 215
Pyjamas Shirt Garcon
EUR 190
Pyjamas Soleil
EUR 205
Pyjamas Striped
EUR 220
Pyjamas Poplin
EUR 215
Pyjamas Shirt
EUR 145
Casual Pant
EUR 145
Dream - Sleep Mask
EUR 35
Pyjamas Shirt Nonno
EUR 145
Casual Pant Nonno
EUR 145
Pyjamas Seersucker
EUR 215
Hooded Terry Bathrobe
EUR 290
Bathrobe Striped
EUR 215
Siri Bathrobe
EUR 390

Sleepwear for Women - Exclusive Collection from AIAYU

Aiayu Sleepwear is an exclusive line of organic cotton pyjamases, comfy bathrobes, and casual styles designed for both nightly comfort and daily doings. Wear your Aiayu sleepwear for slow days at home, or pair it with your other wardrobe favourites when you are off to yoga or going on a trip to the beach. Our sleepwear is made from crisp organic cotton, designed with functionality and your comfort in mind. Soft and perfect for calm nights. 

Clean sleep with organic materials

Our sleepwear is crafted from GOTS-certified cotton, ensuring that your sleep space is free from any harmful chemicals.