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Lulu Poplin shorts
EUR 85
Worker Pant
EUR 220
Franka Pant
EUR 145
Ocean Knit Pants
EUR 365
EUR 130
Wide Pant Tiny Stripe
EUR 145
EUR 175
Pant Striped
EUR 145
Shorts Long
EUR 85
Shorts Long Striped
EUR 105
Shorts Striped
EUR 85
Straight Pant Corduroy
EUR 205
Wide Pant Y/D Checked
EUR 145
Pant - Checks
EUR 145
EUR 260
Wide Pant
EUR 145

Women's Shorts and Pants - Exclusive Styles from AIAYU

Shop elegant women's pants and shorts in a premium quality: organic cotton pants and shorts, and knit pants in natural llama wool. AIAYU offers a range of classic shorts for women in a comfortable fit, reminiscent of the classic gym shorts we all know, but with a modern twist. Signature AIAYU pants in a relaxed fit - for lounging or going out, depending on your mood. 

Natural and comfortable: Shorts and Pants in Organic Materials

AIAYU has created a complete line of organic shorts and pants that are both stylish and comfortable, with emphasis on feminine features that make these shorts and pants easy to customize after your mood and the occasion. Try our wool pants for a warm and stylish winter outfit that you will be thankful for on cold days.